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Outreach Committee 2013

God has graciously orchestrated a team of coworkers with different gifts to serve in the outreach ministry. At the beginning of the year, all committee members have committed to pray for CLGNJ’s outreach ministry every morning. God answers our prayers and gives us various avenues to reach out to nonbelievers. We have compiled a phone list of potential invitees for future special meetings. Currently, we have a list of 1000+Chinese neighbors within 20 miles from our church. On all 5th Sunday of the month, we continue to have the Gospel Sunday. The distribution of Gospel flyers and Christian Herald at Chinese Supermarkets and restaurants continues throughout the year. Personal evangelism is encouraged from the pulpit.

Regarding the “Jesus loves Chinatown” event in August 2013, fifteen CLG brothers and sisters participated in the training and sharing the Gospel in NYC.

On September 28th, we hosted a Gospel movie night with a pre-movie dinner. God answered our unceasing prayers for the nonbelievers in our neighborhood. About 100 guests (70+ were non-believers) attended this event. Some guests were invited through our cold turkey phone invitations, some were invited at supermarkets, while some read the posters and called the church office. Yet, a majority of the guests were invited personally by brothers and sisters. We have witnessed the sacrificial love of brothers and sisters., who diligently and faithfully participated in various aspects of this event. Dozens of us labored together to further the Gospel. The committee plans to host similar events 2-3 times a year. We plan to host a different outreach event for the English congregation, such as coffee house in the near future.

Looking forward, the committee would like to encourage everyone to utilize their homes as the Gospel stations For example, we can invite a few friends for dinner, followed by sharing testimonies or watching a short Gospel movie or presentation. Let us press on.