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Chinese Adult Fellowship

If you are a Cantonese-speaking adult who are 18 years old or above, we welcome you to participate in Friday Night Adult fellowship. Each month, we will have Bible study for the first, second and fourth Fridays. For the third week, we’ll have discussion on special topics. For about four times every year, we will have special programs which include Bible Quiz, drama, fun and games. For each Friday Night Fellowship meeting, we will begin by singing praises together, sharing of devotions, welcome of new friends, the prayer, followed by Bible Study or the special topics discussion, sharing in small group discussion. In addition to Bible Study and special topics sharing time, we also have ‘Iron Chef’ competition, picnic and outdoors group activities, such as apple, fruit or vegetables picking trips, cherry blossom tour and so on.

Meeting Time: Friday 8 – 10pm

Location: 800 Jefferson Road