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We have budgeted $65,200 in 2013 to provide support to 9 missionaries and mission organizations, short-term trips, mission conference and other miscellaneous expenses.

We continue our main goals on:

  1. Promote and enhance Church members awareness of missions
  2. Acquaint brothers and sisters with our supported missionaries so that we may better connect and care for our missionaries in the frontline
  3. Encourage brothers and sisters to take part in missions

In order to achieve the goals, we:

  • Update prayer requests from missionaries and mission organizations monthly
  • Provide inputs to various fellowships to pray for the needs of the missionaries who are financially supported by us
  • Organize a Mission Conference in October so that brothers and sisters will be more involved in missions through the messages
  • Arrange sharing sessions for missionaries to share their experiences and challenges in their mission fields, and to witness God’s grace toward their ministries. This year, we had: David and Shirley Ng; Elder Yang; Abraham Joseph and Laura; Brent McHugh and Kim

In addition, we organize/encourage brothers and sisters to participate in short-term mission trips and related activities:

  • Panama: 5 brothers and sisters visited Shirley and David Ng in April for 11 days
  • Philadelphia: 7 youth together with 3 sponsors attended a short-term mission trip with the Center for Student Missions in August for 3 days
  • Haiti: Stan Lam and his wife joined a 9 day short-term mission trip with another local church in August

We praise the Lord for His grace as He let brothers and sisters learn about servant hood and team work, together with the Committee members.

We pray that going forward many of us will join missions, whether it is short term, mid-term, or even long term, and continue to fight in this spiritual warfare.

CLGNJ Ministries Support


Central Asia Sharing Aid (Founder Elder Yang)


Chinese Christian Herald Crusade-CCHC


Fountainhead Association (Chairman Rev. Danial Lau)


Rev. Stephen Ho & Jenny Ho (GO International)


A couple team (Serving in Turkey among Iranian Refugees)


Abraham & Laura – Serving in India


Ian and Wai Ma – Serving in England