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Christian Education

In this year CLG Church Retreat, we were blessed to have 4 different pastors to be our Chinese and English speakers and special workshops: Pastor Herman Tang; Pastor John Ng; Pastor Frank Meyer; and Pastor Karen Chan. We rejoiced together as a church family to witness the baptism and testimonies of three young brothers.

For this year Revival meeting, God sent one of His servants, Pastor Wing-Hung Lam, to encourage and remind us on our 2013 church theme “Fellowship in Furthering the Gospel”.

The Great Commandment from our Lord Jesus Christ before He went to Heaven is high in the priority of CLG Church Council (CC). Last year, the CC presented a very ambitious task to the CE Committee, to develop a discipleship program for every CLG brothers and sisters. The objectives of discipleship at CLGNJ are to ground believers in the Word of God; to grow believers in their walk with the Lord; and to equip believers to serve according to their giftedness. The development of the program has three target groups in mind: new believers, growing believers and ministering believers who are already leading or had previously led different church ministries as department heads or deacons. The tentative program structure is divided into three major departments. Firstly, the Follow-up Ministry is a 1:1 caring/coaching of new believers in corresponding fellowship groups. Secondly, Discipleship Program Ministry is a small group bible study/ sharing using selected discipleship material. Thirdly, Mentoring/ Training Ministry (title TBD) is a 1:1 mentorship for believers seeking to serve in particular ministries or special training seminars for different biblical topics. The detail of the Mentoring/Training Ministry is currently under construction.

CLG Church library is coming… Development of our library resource system is in progress. With God grace, the library will be readied by year end.