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Youth Ministry (7th to 12th grades):

The goals of our youth ministry are to present the Biblical truth in ways that can be understood by the youth, to help the youths develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, discipling them, growing them spiritually and helping them shape a Christian world view, to cultivate Christian community and to develop student leaders.

Sunday School: (After Sunday service from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

We aim to:

  • Provide biblical instructions and impart biblical knowledge.
  • Give the student a systematic understanding of Christian doctrine, as set forth in the Bible.
  • Show the student that doctrine affects both faith and life, both knowledge and action, and both mind and will (1 Tim 4:12; Rom 12:2).
  • Help the student to develop a healthy Christian world-and-life view.
  • Encourage student appreciation and memorization of Scripture.
  • Equip the student to use Bible study tools.

We use great commission publication Sunday school curriculum which is doctrinally sound, spiritually nourishing and interactive.


Youth Fellowship:

Meeting Time: Friday 8 – 10 pm

Location: Room 115


We seek to provide a fun and safe environment for the youths to:

  • Worship and praise God
  • Learn the word of God
  • Help them discover and use their spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ
  • To develop leadership skills
  • Build friendships with other Christians
  • Invite their believing and unbelieving friends to experience a Christian community
  • Embrace the challenge of the adolescence years (peer pressure, self-image, online safety, relationship, sibling rivalry etc…)